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Virtual Safe Zone 101 and Virtual Trans Safe Zone 101 Summer Courses

VirTual Safe Zone 101

VirTual Safe Zone 101 is an online 5-week intensive course with weekly readings, writings, and a live discussion lab. The curriculum is meant to assist with the development of content knowledge. 

  • The course curriculum delivers basic information to begin your development of content knowledge.
  • The readings are meant to help deepen your scope of the topic.
  • The discussion board reflective writings provide the opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings, and questions.
  • The live discussions engage you in conversation with one another and allow for questions to be proffered to the group.

Register today for Summer 1: May 17th - June 18th

Meets Fridays at 2pm with Dr. Jess Westcott

Meets Fridays at 3pm with Jes Davis

Meets Thursdays at 1pm with Alison Sibol

Meets Thursdays at 2pm with Gerlyn Murrell


VirTual Trans Safe Zone 101

VirTual Trans Safe Zone 101 is an online five-week course addressing transgender identities and issues. This course aims to:

  • Introduce participants to contemporary introductory information regarding gender minorities;
  • Contextualize this new/refreshed knowledge with some of the complexity and nuanced characteristics of these elements;
  • Provide the opportunity to engage in introspective or reflective thinking;
  • Engage individuals in discussion with one another regarding their own understanding, feelings, and experiences with the course content;
  • And encourage active allyship during and after the course has ended.

Please note: VirTual Safe Zone is a prerequisite and must be completed before this course can be taken.

Register today for Summer 1: May 17th - June 18th

Meets Thursdays at 10am with JP

Meets Thursdays at 3pm with Gerlyn Murrell

Meets Fridays at 10am with Dr. Bing


Upcoming Training Sessions Dates:
Summer 2: June 28th - July 30th


For More Information

Dr. Bing (she/her), Director, LGBTQ+ Resource Center,