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Paras Patel

Graduate Student, Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health
  • Mukherjee Lab

Paras Patel conducts research with Konark Mukherjee, Ph.D., focused on proteins found in neurons that regulate gross morphology and size of the brain, with a particular focus on development and function of the cerebellum and visual system. Interestingly, genetic mutations in brain proteins in both human and mouse models produce differential effects on different regions of the brain. The cerebellum and optic nerve are two such regions which are differentially affected in the context of mutations in the CASK gene. Patel and Mukherjee's research targets parsing out how the same mutation in a single gene could have drastically different effects on the overall size and function of different regions of the brain.

Patel also helped create and co-hosts the Big Lick of Science Podcast.

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