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Rachana Deven Somaiya

Graduate Student, Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health
  • Fox Lab

Rachana Deven Somaiya was born and raised in India where did her undergraduate studies in Pharmacy at NMIMS University, Mumbai. She then obtained an MS degree in Pharmacology at Northeastern University, where she worked in Dr. Greg Miller’s lab on TAAR1, a receptor that is expressed in the immune cells and astrocytes and plays a role in drug addiction. She is currently a Translational Biology, Medicine and Health graduate student in Dr. Michael Fox's lab, where she studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms important for the early circuit formation in the visual system. Working with Dr. Fox, she researches how inputs from the retina instruct glial cells to recruit interneurons in the developing visual thalamus. Outside of the lab, Rachana leads an organization called the Virginia Tech Carilion Student Outreach Program (VSOP). She has organized several outreach events through VSOP, such as going to local schools and doing science demonstrations and organizing STEM Q&A sessions for community college students. She is also the co-founder and co-host of the Big Lick of Science podcast

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