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Dr. Robel's Publications

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Heithoff, BP, George, KK, Phares, AN, Zuidhoek, IA, Munoz‐Ballester, C, Robel, S. Astrocytes are necessary for blood–brain barrier maintenance in the adult mouse brainGlia. 2020; 1– 37.

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Robel S, Buckingham SC, Boni JL, Campbell SL, Danbolt NC, Riedmann T, Sutor B, Sontheimer H. (2015). Reactive astrogliosis causes the development of spontaneous seizures. Journal of Neuroscience 35(8): 3330-45.

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Robel S, Baradehle S, Lepier A, Brakebusch C, Gotz M. (2011). Genetic deletion of Cdc42 reveals a crucial role for astrocyte recruitment to the injury site in vitro and in vivo. Journal of Neuroscience 31(35): 12471-82.

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