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Warren Lab Job Openings

Positions available in the lab of Junco Warren, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

The Warren Lab is hiring a Postdoctoral Associate to work on an NIH-funded project involving cardiac metabolism, mitochondrial biology, epigenetics, and heart failure. The applicant will contribute to translational study seeking to determine the role of the novel mitochondrial regulator Perm1 in the healthy and failing hearts. The specific work involves the characterization of our newly generated cardiac-specific Perm1 knockout mice, which includes the assessments of cardiac function, mitochondrial morphology/function, transcriptional control, and epigenetic modifications. 

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Part Time Research Technician

We are looking for an individual who will operate and maintain the GCMS and HPLC systems to perform metabolomics. The lab is equipped with the Shimadzu Triple Quadrupole GCMS-TQ8050 NX (EI/CI/NCI) and Nexera HPLC systems. Projects in the lab are highly interdisciplinary and combine basic and translational studies to investigate metabolic regulation in the healthy and failing hearts. This position will provide an excellent opportunity to gain research experience in cardiac research and multisystems approach as preparation for graduate school or medical school. 

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