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Led by principal investigator Kimberly Horn, Ed.D., the Horn Lab sits in Southwest Virginia, near the heart of the area of the country hardest hit by opioid addiction. A nationally recognized leader in her fields of smoking cessation and drug abuse research, Horn leads multiple efforts to address the epidemic of opioid abuse in the region and the country.

 Opioid Research Consortium of Central Appalachia: Horn is co-principal investigator of the Opioid Research Consortium of Central Appalachia (ORCA), studying an area with the nation’s highest opioid death rates.

Connection 2 Care: Horn leads Connection 2 Care, an innovative collaboration of Virginia Tech researchers addressing the opioid crisis in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia. 

Not On Tobacco: Horn is co-developer of Not On Tobacco (N-O-T) a widely-used teen smoking cessation program that’s helped thousands of youths to stop smoking. he multi-session, group-based, gender-tailored intervention created in 1998 has been adopted by the American Lung Association and has been the most widely used program of its kind in the United States. Horn continues to investigate approaches to improve teens’ odds of quitting smoking, demonstrating the importance of adding physical activity to teen smoking cessation.

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