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Mary Rebekah Trucks

Senior Occupational Therapist
  • DeLuca, Ramey and Landesman Ramey labs
  • Neuromotor Research Clinic

Mary Rebekah Trucks works on numerous projects that allow for direct patient/participant care as well as in training other therapists in the implementation of Pediatric Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (P-CIMT) known as ACQUIRE Therapy. Her career as an occupational therapist began in 2000 when she was hired as a research assistant to provide P-CIMT to children who would be part of the first Randomized Controlled Trial of P-CIMT. She has since dedicated her career to developing intensive pediatric rehabilitation. She has authored numerous publications, training manuals, and presented research findings at national and international meetings. Her efforts in the research arena of P-CIMT primarily involve patient care, however, she has assisted in the authorship of several articles and a manual on administering signature P-CIMT to children. She finds great worth in the continued research efforts into intensive pediatric rehabilitation with a goal of seeing P-CIMT and similar treatment approaches as standard of care for all children who might benefit from such efforts. Her greatest reward in offering this evidence-based treatment approach is that it provides individuals the opportunity to learn new skills to be practiced across the lifespan. She looks forward to working with scientists in gaining new insights into why intensive pediatric rehabilitation provide such gains, and into training the next generation of clinicians to implement these new approaches.