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The Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC maintains a shared 3D bioprinting lab located in Room 1411A, 4 Riverside Circle. 


[Image Source: Cellink Life Sciences]                 

Cellling Bio X6 printer
[Image Source: Cellink Life Sciences]

Cellink Bio X6 Printer

  • 6 Heated, Interchangeable Pneumatic Print-heads (65°C)
  • 1 Thermoplastic Print-head (250°C)
  • 1 Temperature Controlled Printhead (4°C)
  • Dual pressure settings to enable multiple material and coaxial printing
  • 4 UV modules ( 365 nm, 405 nm, 485 nm, 520 nm )
  • Vertical motorized door to maintain sterility
  • Clean Chamber Technology: HEPA Filter + Sterilization
  • UV + Enclosure
  • Heating/Cooling Print Bed (5 - 60°C)
  • Oil-free internal compressor capable of up to 200 kPa

Accessory Items Available to Users

  • Bioprinter Starter Package
  • Bioprinting Intro Research Package
  • Bioprinting Software Perpetual License
  • CELLINK Bioprinting Software Perpetual License
  • Priority Customer Care Package BIO X6 - Year 1
  • Priority Customer Care Package BIO X6 - Extension

To access the bioprinter:

  • Begin by contacting one of the facility faculty directors, Dr. Chappell or Dr. Munson to request access.
  • Describe proposed applications to ensure capable functions are available and that safety precautions have been appropriately considered for human cell lines, viral use, etc.
  • Basic training is required prior to independent use of the bioprinter.
  • Users will then be given access to an online calendar for scheduling time. 
  • Currently, there are no time constraints for use, but as demand increases time limits may be required.

Users must watch the video below and attest to viewing this training in full. 

In-person training will be provided by personnel from the Munson Lab or Chappell Lab to ensure that potential users are aware of the system’s capabilities and appropriate and safe use of the bioprinter.

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  • A small set of consumables is provided during the start-up phase. 
  • Long-term users of the facility will be expected to provide their own consumables as needed. (Certain options are available directly from CELLINK, but others can be made in-house or are available from other vendors.) This includes but is not limited to pipettes, pipette tips, transfer containers, and cell culture materials. 

User protocols

  • All waste must be collected by the user and completely removed from the bioprinter room after completing use of the system. 
  • Violation of this policy will result in suspended use of the system until further discussion with the facility faculty directors.


Facility Faculty Directors
John Chappell, Ph.D.

Jenny Munson, Ph.D.