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[Image source: Insightec]      

focused ultrasound machine
[Image source: Insightec]
The INSIGHTEC Exablate Neuro V2 Focused Ultrasound System can deliver ultrasound engergy deep in the brain to create a lesion with no incisions. It is currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for clinical use in humans to treat brain disorders, such as essential tremor and Parkinson’s-associated tremor. It is also being evaluated for use in the treatment of solid tumors and neurological disorders rooted deep inside the brain with incredible precision.
Focused ultrasound is guided by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). At the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute, the technology is paired with a Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3T imaging system that is part of the research institute's large bore MRI facilities.

All charges are per hour


Internal (12990)

  • O&M Fund (230284):  $500
  • Equipment Replacement Fund (230285): $0
  • Internal Total: $500


External (12997)

  • O&M Fund (230284): $500
  • Equipment Replacement Fund (230285): $0
  • Subtotal: $500

External (12920)

  • O&M Fund (230284): $0
  • Equipment Replacement Fund (230285): $305
  • Subtotal $305
  • External Total: $805

To initiate a new focused ultrasound project, please send an email to Wynn Legon ( and Jason Raymond ( .

Working hours for faculty-operated studies are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A minimum advance notice of 24 hours is required for staff-operated studies. Access depends upon equipment and faculty availability.

The Core facility will keep all the imaging leaders posted on the status of the equipment (e.g. incident report, maintenance, QC, etc.)

Please contact Dr. Wynn Legon ( and Jason Raymond ( for details on required safety and instrument-specific training.

All core users must undergo corresponding safety trainings. After the equipment and project specific training, the researcher must observe use of the facility for at least 10 hours, or until both researchers and facility directors are confident the researcher can run the equipment independently. 

Clinical Research Trials: The facility directors will coordinate with the large-bore MRI staff to provide MR Imaging service.

Grant support: The facility offers consulting service for your research grant proposal. We can provide the letter of support, biosketch, and generate preliminary images/figures for your grant proposal as long as the procedures is covered by our imaging protocol. Please contact Dr. Wynn Legon  ( and Dr. Jason Raymond ( for further information.

Imaging service, data storage and transfer, data safety and imaging processing: Please contact Jason Raymond (  or our Information Technology team ( for more information

Quality assurance and maintenance: The core facility will be responsible for the quality assurance and maintenance of the equipment based on the guidelines.

Human clinical research will be performed by a clinician or surgeon.

All users must pass the training and have the approval from facility faculty director and facility director before using the focused ultrasound equipment.

Focused ultrasound facility: Room G406, 4 Riverside Circle, Roanoke

Parking: During business hours, visitors may park in designated visitor parking places at the entrance to the parking garage at 2 Riverside Circle. Visitors may also park on the 2nd - 6th floors of the parking garage located at 5 Riverside Circle. On nights and weekends, visitors may park anywhere in the 5 Riverside parking garage, as well as the surface lot and parking deck. All parking is free.


  • Internal Rate O&M  230994-12990: $250
  • Internal Total (Banner Funds): $250
  • External Rate O&M  230994-12997: $250
  • External Rate OH 230994-12920: $150
  • External Total (Bursar’s Office): $400

MRI/PET Extended Run

  • Internal Rate O&M  230994-12990: $150
  • Internal Total (Banner Funds): $150
  • External Rate O&M  230994-12997: $150
  • External Rate OH 230994-12920: $90
  • External Total (Bursar’s Office): $240

MRI/PET Contrast ml

  • Internal Rate O&M  230994-12990: $57
  • Internal Total (Banner Funds): $57
  • External Rate O&M  230994-12997: $57
  • External Rate OH 230994-12920: $34.20
  • External Total (Bursar’s Office): $91.20

Micro PET/CT

  • Internal Rate O&M  230994-12990: $250
  • Internal Total (Banner Funds): $250
  • External Rate O&M  230994-12997: $250
  • External Rate OH 230994-12920: $150
  • External Total (Bursar’s Office): $400

Micro PET/CT Tracer mCi

  • Internal Rate O&M  230994-12990: $31
  • Internal Total (Banner Funds): $31
  • External Rate O&M  230994-12997: $31
  • External Rate OH 230994-12920: $18.60
  • External Total (Bursar’s Office): $49.60