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Metabolic Kitchen

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The fully stocked, commercial grade, metabolic kitchen is located in 4 Riverside Circle at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC.


Metabolic Kitchen

The metabolic kitchen features commercial grade cooking facilities, including 16 stove burners, four ovens, two dishwashers, kitchen appliances, utensils and cookware, Nutrition Data System for Research access, and a dining and observational area. 

Scheduling use of the kitchen is handled via a Google calendar. Please contact Alexandra DiFeliceantonio, facility faculty director (, to be added to the calendar.

Training is not required to use the metabolic kitchen equipment.


  • Linen service is provided for the kitchen. 
  • Data are held on secure servers to be downloaded by researchers.
  • Nutrition Data Science for Research (NDSR) is available for use on a core laptop in the metabolic kitchen. The core does not provide training on NDSR use. 


  • Users are responsible for tidying the kitchen after use.
  • Custodial services will sweep and mop. If more frequent cleaning is required, please start a conversation through the help system.

Metabolic kitchen: Room 2002, 4 Riverside Circle, Roanoke

Parking: During business hours, visitors may park in designated visitor parking places at the entrance to the parking garage at 2 Riverside Circle. Visitors may also park on the 2nd - 6th floors of the parking garage located at 5 Riverside Circle. On nights and weekends, visitors may park anywhere in the 5 Riverside parking garage, as well as the surface lot and parking deck. All parking is free.


Facility Faculty Director
Alexandra DiFeliceantonio, Ph.D.