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Computed Tomography - Large Bore

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[Image source: Siemens]             

Siemens Somatom Confidence RT Pro CT Scanner

  • Generates and processes cross-sectional images of human or animal patients by computer reconstruction of X-ray transmission data to be used to aid in diagnosis, treatment preparation, and radiation therapy planning.
  • 64-slice configuration.
  • Gantry is equipped with speaker and microphone systems to allow for communication between the patient and operator through the control box.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Scan modes including: topogram, sequence, spiral, multiscan, and adaptive 4D spiral.
  • Image manipulation allowed via 3D reconstruction ability in axial, sagittal, and coronal planes.
  • Various kernel and window options.
  • Allows a larger field of view on larger patients.
  • LAP lasers installed on exterior of scanner used for radiation therapy planning purposes.

All charges are per hour


Internal (12990)

  • O&M Fund (230284):  $500
  • Equipment Replacement Fund (230285): $0
  • Internal Total: $500


External (12997)

  • O&M Fund (230284): $500
  • Equipment Replacement Fund (230285): $0
  • Subtotal: $500

External (12920)

  • O&M Fund (230284): $0
  • Equipment Replacement Fund (230285): $305
  • Subtotal $305
  • External Total: $805
  • To schedule a scanning session, begin by contacting the facility director.
  • Facility director will provide access to the scheduling calendar.
  • Animal patients must come prepared, including appropriate sedation.
  • Human patients require physician's orders and patient history.
  • All scans are performed by the facility director.

The CT large bore imaging facility can provide a range of imaging products, including:

  • Various contrasts (veinous, angio, or other)
  • Image reconstruction images in different planes of view
  • Custom slice thickenss
  • Views of the head, neck, chest, pelvis, and extremities

Siemens Somatom Confidence RT Pro CT Scanner: Room G407 (ground floor) of 4 Riverside Circle, Roanoke, VA

Parking at Fralin Biomedical Research Institute: During business hours, visitors may park in designated visitor parking places at the entrance to the parking garage at 2 Riverside Circle. Visitors may also park on the 2nd - 6th floors of the parking garage located at 5 Riverside Circle. On nights and weekends, visitors may park anywhere in the 5 Riverside parking garage, as well as the surface lot and parking deck. All parking is free.