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Adriana Hogan

Advisory Board Member
Adriana Hogan

Adriana Hogan, originally from Colombia, South America, is the CEO of Menecci Designs – a firm that specializes in full-service architecture, interior design, and home goods product development. Adriana works with production teams, architects, engineers, and contractors to create and bring to life the visions of her clients.

Prior to her current role, she was the co-owner and director of sales for Design & Textiles for Colombia (DITEXCO). She managed design efforts, multiple production lines, and national and international sales while maintaining a portfolio of ~500 corporate clients and 1,000+ individual clients. Adriana also served as the image advisor to company executives of Johnson & Johnson Colombia, Lucent Technologies, BBP Company, and Pricewaterhouse.

Early in her career, she served as a project manager assistant for Facchini Designs working with renowned Colombian interior designers to manage décor projects for medical centers, public institutions, hotels, and condominiums. For her role with Facchini Designs, she received Best Design Honors from Style Axxis Magazine, as well as the special mention prize “ICSID/Compiegne Industrial Design Award” for the co-design of an office space.

Adriana began her career as director of advertising and public relations for the presidential campaign of Dr. Efrian Diaz in 1998. She developed integrated campaign strategies, managed public events, and led a team of more than 100 associates, providing training in polling and voter analysis.

Ms. Hogan holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and urban design, as well as post graduate degrees in marketing, public relations, and product development from Javeriana University.