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Up to half of all premature deaths are the result of lifestyle choices leading to chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and tobacco-related cancers, among others. Most harmful health behaviors (e.g., smoking or hedonic eating) are tempting because they provide immediate and reliable gratification with minimal effort. In contrast, the healthier alternatives to these behaviors (e.g., avoidance of cancer or diabetes) provide delayed and uncertain benefit—and are often much more effortful. 

Led by Principal Investigator Jeff Stein, Ph.D., the Stein Lab's research leverages multidisciplinary expertise in behavioral economics, medicine, computer science, biostatistics, and cognitive psychology to understand how delay, uncertainty, and effort influence health-related decision-making. Within this framework, the lab's goal is to develop effective and highly accessible behavioral interventions to improve public health and reduce health disparities. Current areas of focus include type 2 diabetes management, tobacco cessation and harm reduction, and cancer prevention.

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