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Led by principal investigator Jeff Stein, Ph.D., the Stein Lab's research interests include behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, addiction, obesity, and health behavior. His projects have looked at role of the brain pathways involved in pain, pleasure, decision-making, craving, and addiction; how patients value the advantages and disadvantages of hormone therapy medications, including a reduced likelihood of cancer recurrence but also possible adverse side effects and prescription costs; and discovering whether ventilated filters on cigarettes have been a boon or bane to public health.

Participate in a Type 2 Diabetes Study

The Center for Health Behaviors Research at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC is recruiting adults with Type 2 diabetes for a 6-month remote research study. This study is to help individuals lose weight, adopt healthy lifestyle, and study the most effective motivational strategies for successful weight loss. 

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