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Identifying and therapeutically targeting enzyme-substrate interactions in cancer


We are actively growing the lab!

Prospective students, postdoctoral associates, and research associates/technicians interested in exciting and innovative training opportunities should contact Dr. Mulvaney by email. Applicants from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We value different perspectives and recognize how this will help us grow our science. 

Postdoctoral Associates

We value innovative and rigorous science in a friendly and fun environment. Postdocs will have access to all Virginia Tech and Children’s National Hospital Resources, core facilities, and seminars, and will be provided opportunities to grow and develop. They will also benefit from the rich scientific community in the Washington, D.C., area. Researchers interested in a postdoctoral position should include a cover letter summarizing your prior research experience and research interests, a CV, and contact information for at least three references. To apply, please email Dr. Mulvaney.

Graduate Students

The Mulvaney lab is accepting graduate students through the Virginia Tech master's and doctoral programs of Translational Biology Medicine and Health (TBMH), Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB), and Biomedical engineering (SBES, BME). Students interested in rotating should contact Dr. Mulvaney at to discuss.

Research Associates/Assistants

We are currently seeking to hire a motivated research associate/lab technician. We’re seeking someone who is enthusiastic about science, has excellent time management, and loves to learn. It is an ideal position for candidate(s) planning to stay in the lab for two or more years before leaving for M.D., Ph.D., or other training. RAs will contribute to publications and interesting projects in the group, and will have the opportunity to present and interact with scientists at all levels at Virginia Tech and Children’s National Hospital. For more information or to apply, email Dr. Mulvaney.


Undergraduate Students

The Mulvaney lab welcomes summer students through the NIH-funded NeuroSURF program that accepts applicants by February each year. For Virginia Tech undergrads, please reach out if you're able to partake in a summer or year-long computational project in the lab. Local students whose undergraduate college or university is based in or near Washington, D.C., (e.g., Georgetown, University of Maryland, George Washington University, Howard University) please reach out about opportunities in the lab with a year commitment.