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Start-up Culture and Spin-Outs

Start-Up Culture and Spin-Outs

Sora Shin in lab

From Bench to Bedside and Beyond

We help our faculty and graduate students commercialize their IP and develop spin-outs to carry their research forward through the clinical trials process. 

Spin-outs Include:

Virginia Tech licensed key IP to enable the launch of an aptly-named startup known as Tiny Cargo, in partnership with Dr. Robert Gourdie.  Dr. Gourdie’s research at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute seeks to use small highly-targeted packages to bring therapies to bear in individual cells.

Acomhal Research Inc. is a biotech startup founded by Dr. Samy Lamouille and Dr. Robert Gourdie. Acomhal Research is developing novel treatments targeting cancer cells that are resistant to therapy in order to prevent tumor recurrence and metastasis.

Virginia Tech enabled a new startup, BEAM Diagnostics, with a license to technology developed at the Fralin Biomedical Institute.  BEAM integrates cutting-edge research in Behavioral Economics with advanced technology to improve the lives of individuals suffering from alcohol addiction and other substance use problems.


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