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Led by principal investigator Craig Ramey, Ph.D., the Ramey Lab’s program of research centers on the role of experience – across the human lifespan - in the development of competence and robust health. His approach relies largely on experimental interventions in education, psychology, and pediatrics that provide rigorous tests of plausible developmental mechanisms of stability and change within dynamic, multilayered ecologies. 

The Ramey Lab engages both epidemiological and longitudinal datasets to provide a broad contextual framework for identifying the multiple, inter-related conditions that influence biopsychosocial risk, protective, and facilitating factors. 

The lab has extended its research into topics that address “going-to-scale” and rapid application of scientific findings that can prevent disabilities, promote children’s education and health outcomes, and improve family and community well being. This new field of “implementation science” represents a new frontier for the neurosciences and for educating health practitioners and policymakers. 

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