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Archived Event: Spring 2021 Research in Progress Symposium

2021 Spring Research in Progress Seminar Speakers
Spring 2021 Research in Progress Symposium presenters Rachana Deven Somaiya, graduate student in the Fox Lab, Cora Esparza, graduate student in the Munson Lab, Mikel Cawley, research assistant in the Shin Lab, and Tré Mills, graduate student in the Sontheimer Lab.

Archived Event: Spring 2021 Research in Progress Symposium

Date: April 27, 2021
Time: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Symposium Program

3:05 PM: Rachana Somaiya, Graduate Student, Fox Lab
 “A novel form of axo-glial signaling pathway in the neurodevelopment of visual thalamus”

3:35 PM: Cora Esparza, Graduate Student, Munson Lab
“Interstitial fluid flow-mediated angiogenesis in the glioblastoma tumor microenvironment”

4:05 PM: Mikel Cawley, Research Assistant, Shin Lab
“Proenkephalin-expressing neurons of the lateral hypothalamus mediate stress-induced overconsumption of palatable foods”

4:20 PM: Tré Mills, Graduate Student, Sontheimer Lab
“Astrocyte plasticity ensures continued endfoot coverage of cerebral blood vessels and integrity of the blood-brain barrier, with plasticity declining with normal aging”


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