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Measuring the Thermic Effect of Food

Interested in participating in research on energy expenditure?

The Center for Health Behaviors Research at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech Carilion, located in Roanoke, is conducting a research study in which participants will undergo 2 different types of measurements of metabolic rate and drink flavored beverages or consume foods. Your involvement may last between 2-12 weeks.

Participants will:

  • Complete a prescreening survey.
  • Choose the number of beverages/foods and metabolic tests in which they would like to participate (up to 6 beverages or foods and 12 tests)
  • Drink flavored beverages or eat foods while undergoing measurements of metabolic rate

If interested in participating:

Email us at


Call 540-526-2174 and speak with research staff.


Complete the prescreening survey here.