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Center for Exercise Medicine Research

About the Center for Exercise Medicine Research

The Center for Exercise Medicine Research explores the role of exercise in preventing cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer, which account for more than 75% of health care costs in the United States. The center aims to be a nexus of collaboration among health scientists from across the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute, the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Virginia Tech's Blacksburg campus, and Carilion Clinic to address obesity and cardiometabolic health. The center is led by Zhen Yan, Ph.D., a global leader in cellular exercise research.


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    Mishra Lab
    Mishra Lab , home

    The Mishra Lab studies the molecular signaling perturbations associated with metabolic syndrome.

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    Yan Lab
    Yan Lab , home

    The Yan Lab employs the state-of-the-art molecular genetics and imaging technologies to elucidate the underlying molecular and signaling mechanisms of exercise training-induced adaptations and the impacts on health and disease.