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MitoTimer reporter gene

Mitochondria are the power plants in mammalian cells for ATP production essential for cellular processes. Mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with most of the prevalent health disorders, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and neurodegeneration. Impaired mitochondrial function often triggers a vicious cycle of excess reactive oxygen specises production and additional mitochondrial damage, further exacerbating disease conditions. However, current understanding of mitochondrial oxidative stress and damage in the etiology of these diseases remains elusive mainly due to lack of a convenient and robust assessment of mitochondrial quantity and quality in vivo. To bridge this gap, the Yan Lab engineered a novel pMitoTimer reporter gene from a newly invented pTimer reporter gene that encodes a DsRed mutant with green fluorescence that irreversibly shifts to red fluorescence when oxidized. Taking advantage of multiple systems ranging from cultured cells, C. elegansD. melanogaster to mice, the lab's research shows that MitoTimer protein targets exclusively to mitochondria, shifts from green to red and displays some pure red puncta of mitochondrial origin in response to known mitochondrial stressors, including high-fat diet feeding. The research team has confirmed by somatic gene transfer in vivo that pMitoTimer allows for simultaneous measurements of mitochondrial content, density, structure, stress and damage. Finally, the lab has generated a conditional MitoTimer transgenic mouse line that allows robust measurements of mitochondrial health in vivo. The team will use this model to test an important gap in knowledge under conditions of metabolic challenges, including poor diet and normal physiology, including exercise. The studies will have a high impact as it will allow for an easy, robust assessment of mitochondrial health in any given tissue, promoting rigorous research of mitochondria in various mouse models of disease.


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