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Yan Lab Gallery

Zhen Yan, Ph.D.

Dr. Yan speaks to the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute Advisory Board in November 2022.

Dr. Yan presented at August Krogh Clum Mini Symposium with leaders in skeletal muscle metabolism, Drs. Jørgen Wojtaszewski (University of Copenhagen), Jacky Stoeckli (University of Sydney), David James (University of Sydney), Amira Klip (University of Toronto) and Marta Murgia (University of Padova).

Zhen Yan on bike

Dr. Yan rides his bike through Virginia Tech's Health Sciences and Technology campus in Roanoke.

Yan Lab had a "regular" Summer Pool Party at Yan Residence in Roanoke, Virginia.

Yan Lab celebrated Christmas and New Year at Yan Residence in Roanoke, Virginia (Dec. 22, 2023).