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Zhen Yan, Ph.D., Media Coverage, Spring 2014 through Summer 2022



Aerobic Exercise may Reduce the Risk of the Deadly Complication of COVID-19
Interviewed by Tracy Anderson,a leader of the health and wellness industry
Carl Lanore live on Super Humna Radio about exercise in fight against COVID-19
Interviewed by CBS19 NewsNBC29
Live on ABC7 WJLA Good Morning Washington about the potential protection by aerobic exercise-induced EcSOD against ARDS in COVID-19.

Exercise Prevents the Onset of Symptomatic Fiedrich's Ataxi
BIONEWS: Exercise Can Completely Prevents Early Onset of Friedreich's Ataxia in Mice
YouTube: A story about the findings that aerobice exercise blocks the onset of Friecrich's ataxia in a mouse model

Exercise-Induced Celluar Clearance in Health
NBC29: Exercise Can Make Cells Healthier, Promoting Longer Life, UVA Finds

Exercise-Induced Antioxidant Defense in Disease Prevention
NBC29: UVA: Exercise Discovery Could Save Lives of Sickest, Most Gravely Injured

Exercise during Pregnancy Prevents Diabetes in Babies
NBC29: UVA Research: Exercise during Pregnancy Boosts Baby Health (watch the video)
NBC29: UVA research study suggests exercising while pregnant can protect disease in children

Exercise Prevents Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
NBC29: UVA Researchers Prevent Heart Condition by Amplifying Exercise Effect

Importance of Basic Research
UTeam UVA: People value is appreciated, recognized at UVA


Exercise-Induced Protection Against ARDS
"Exercise helps fight off COVID-19" NewsRadio 1070 WINA (Apr. 23, 2020) (listen to the recording)
"Exercise May Protect Against COVID-19 Damage" Charlottesville News Radio WVTF (Apr.29, 2020) (listen to the recording)

Exercise-Induced Cellular Clearnce
"Exercise promotes autophagy in skeletal muscle" NewsRadio 1070 WINA (Sept. 24, 2013) (listen to the recording)

Live Well
1070 WINA (Jan. 20, 2014):
"Exercise in prevention of disease" 1070 WINA (Mar. 10, 2014) (listen to the recording)
"Exercise promotes skeletal muscle antioxidants in defending the heart" 1070 WINA (Mar.2, 2015) (listen to the recording)

Radio Interview
1070 WINA (Feb. 27, 2015)
1070 WINA (Sept. 21, 2017)
The Community Idea Stations (Jan. 15, 2019)


Exercise-Induced Autophagy/Mitophagy in Health Promotion
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A Novel Mitochondrial Reporter Gene
UVATodayScience DailyMedicine Matters, PRWebPenn Bioengineering Blog, Augusta Free Press

Exercise-Induced Antioxidant Defense in Disease Prevention
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Exercise During Pregnancy Can Benefit The Child
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Muscle and Nerve Protection by Exercise
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