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Our team has been honored to care for all of the children and families who have come to the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC Neuromotor Research Clinic. We want to introduce you to Friends of ACQUIRE, a group for parents, relatives, and friends who want to learn more about our research and discoveries in pediatric rehabilitation.

Our mission is to advance the research of the Neuromotor Research Clinic and share timely information with families about new and effective treatments, and to help establish a training center so that practitioners worldwide can become highly skilled in delivering these new evidence-based treatments to children with neuromotor and other developmental challenges.

This forum will unite families, provide updates on the science behind our therapeutic approaches, and provide opportunities to support our mission via advocacy and philanthropy.

All previous research participants are welcome to join us. Out of respect for your privacy, we won't contact you directly, but please contact us and share this invitation with others.

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