Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to everyone for helping with the new phase one research implementation plan at Fralin Biomedical Research Institute. By way of follow up, several people have asked about a few things that were not explicitly stated in the message below.


  • Building door access. Doors/stairwells will be remain locked and require prox card access for the time being.
  • After hours work. Yes, that is permitted (actually rotating shifts is labs is encouraged when possible and voluntarily agreeable to all parties) for people who have received permission of their supervisor, have had their supervisor notify the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute Human Resources office (Ms. Pamela Stell) of that permission, including where the person will primarily be located when on site and approximately what days/hours they plan to be on site. The receptionist desk will not be staffed after regular work hours such that persons arriving to work after regular work hours are on the honor system for those times but still MUST complete the online questionnaire for each day and receive a green go in order to enter the building.
  • Checking in at reception. You only have to do that one time on a given day when you first arrive at the building; you do not have to check in at reception every time you leave the building and re-enter during that day.
  • Visitors. Please do not bring visitors/family members to the building during this period. Outside visitors are being strictly limited to include a few small scheduled vendors plus deliveries, etc. No human subjects for research are currently being allowed in the buildings. When they are allowed in again, they will have to follow strict screening protocols for building entry and being escorted to/from research sites.
  • Eating. Please try to avoid having several people eating in small break rooms simultaneously. Outside spaced dining is strongly encouraged.
  • Travel. For the moment, travel anywhere outside the immediate Roanoke Valley/New River Valley general region triggers a block on entering the building. This is being considered and we are in the process of working on a more detailed follow up approach on that for specific circumstances with commuting to some areas a little more distant.
  • We will post these and additional FAQs as they arise on the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute home page.


    Michael J. Friedlander, Ph.D. Virginia Tech Vice President for Health Sciences and Technology Executive Director, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC Senior Dean for Research, VTCSOM