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In Person Special Seminar: Novel Viral and Genetic Tools for Studying Cell Type-Specific Inhibitory Circuits

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Ubadah Sabbagh, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate & NIH K00 Fellow
McGovern Institute for Brain Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University

In Person Seminar: Novel Viral and Genetic Tools for Studying Cell Type-Specific Inhibitory Circuits

Date: April 20, 2023

Time:  3 p.m.

Location: Room G101 A/B, 4 Riverside Circle

About this Seminar

When studying any biological system, two crucial items to identify are: 1) properties of its component parts, in this case cells; and 2) ways access those cells to understand their function. This is certainly true in the brain where diverse, tightly packed neurons form elaborate connections. In this talk, Dr. Sabbagh will provide an overview of new tools he is developing to study inhibitory neurons in using conventional (genetic) and novel (viral) technology. In his work, he uses these tools to study the role of GABAergic subtype-specific thalamic circuits in cognition.

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