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In Person Seminar: Electrochemistry in the Conscious Human Brain

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Dan Bang, Ph.D.

Dan Bang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Aarhus University
Adjunct Associate Professor
Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC

In Person Seminar: Electrochemistry in the Conscious Human Brain

Date: Nov. 8, 2023

Time:  1 p.m.

About this Seminar

The brain’s major neuromodulators, such as dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline, are crucial for healthy function. Yet our understanding of how and why has been impeded by an inability to measure neuromodulators at fast timescales in the human brain. Excitingly, this situation is rapidly changing. In this talk, Dr. Bang will present recent work from the Montague Lab, who have pioneered electrochemical recordings of sub-second neuromodulator fluctuations in conscious humans. Among other things, Dr. Bang will show that human electrochemistry can be performed using clinical depth electrodes already in place for epilepsy monitoring – opening the door to a truly new area of research on the neuromodulatory basis of human health and disease.

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