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Archived Seminar: Engineering the Bio/Nano Interface for Enhanced Nano-Immunotherapy

Pioneers in Biomedical Research Seminar presented by the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC

Archived Seminar: Engineering the Bio/Nano Interface for Enhanced Nano-Immunotherapy

Date: Nov. 13, 2020
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

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About This Seminar

Self-assembled nanobiomaterials that are engineered to achieve specific biodistributions and mechanisms of degradation hold great promise for controlled stimulation of the immune system.  Taking advantage of the morphological flexibility of self-assembled systems, we aim to mimic various structures and biochemical mechanisms of pathogens to enhance cell-selective intracellular delivery and treatment efficacy during immunotherapy.  Dr. Scott and his team specifically approach this by synthesizing, assembling and optimizing in vitro and in vivo a range of nanostructures loaded with strategically selected combinations of immunostimulants to achieve controlled activation or suppression of the immune system.  Dr. Scott will present some of our ongoing work in the area of novel nanobiomaterials development and interactions at the bio/nano interface, as well as recent applications of our materials for the controlled modulation of cells for a variety of therapeutic applications, including cell/organ transplantation, vaccination, and treatment of atherosclerosis, glaucoma and infectious diseases.

Additional Details 

This is a free event hosted by the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute and co-sponsored by the institute's Cancer Research Group. The Fralin Biomedical Research Institute Pioneers in Biomedical Research Program offers the expertise of a range of scientists who are exploring frontiers in biomedical research. These seminars are open to Virginia Tech and Carilion Clinic faculty, students, and staff.


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